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BPAL (black phoenix alchemy lab) makes the perfumes I like.

Today, they lost my business. I posted a few days ago about a price hike which was happening. The direct quote from the announcement is:

"We have done our best to make this as painless as possible. To that end, the following changes to oil prices are in effect as of the inception of Carnaval Diabolique on August 3rd, 2006"

Note that a date is given, the date which is tomorrow, not today.

The update went live today. The prices went up today. The update went up approximately 6 hours early. Upon seeing this, and questioning the price change and citing the above, the response I recieved from the owner of BPAL was:

"Here's the deal. As most of you know, updates usually go live around midnight PST. I have been awake until 4.30am for three nights in a row, and have been getting up at 8am. I'm overworked, very tired, and wanted to get the update live while I was still coherent. This is not some nefarious trick engineered to wheedle $2.50 more out of the masses. The update went live roughly 6 hours early. Not a week, not a day. I apologize if this is upsetting to some people, but my eyes hurt, I need some rest, and there is pretty much zero chance that I am physically capable of staying up til midnight.

I hope everyone enjoys the update as much as we enjoyed putting it together. I'm going to hop into the tub and try to slap myself awake."

So, I can no longer afford BPAL, and I am no longer able to order the couple bottles I was going to get, so as to have full bottles of scents which I recently sampled.

Thanks BPAL, it's been fun, but I don't do business with people who can't keep their word. That's bad business.

Oh, and after my and other people bringing this up in the thread on their forum (albeit run by third-party folk) about the aformentioned update, our complaints were moved to the "hijack this! the completely off-topic thread" thread. Thanks for the double slap in the face. It seems people are split- 2/3 on the side of "WHEE! New things, new prices early? eh- NEW THINGS EARLY!" and 1/3 on my side of "uhh, bad business much?".
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Sobriety got her staples out from her surgery today. She's doing well, and is on the mend. The doctor said he didn't think he's going to have to put pins in her ankle afterall (YAY!). We're looking at anywhere from 10 days to 3 weeks more with the bandage on the leg, and then a skin graft to cover the degloving wound. After that it seems it'll just be waiting for incisions to heal.

Pittsburgh is lucky to have a veterinary specialists practice, as well as a veterinary emergency clinic such as we do. For the benefit of my other friends in the area with pets, here's the info for the specialists as well as the emergency clinic. They see all types of animals, large and small (including rodents, birds, etc.).

These are all located in the same building- 882 Butler St, Pgh PA 15223. They are just off Saxonburg Blvd, and are approximately a 20 minute drive from Shadyhouse, to give you a driving time referance. Directions to both the main building, and the dermetological practice, are available at

Veterinary Emergency Clinic
Monday-Thursday 8pm-8am
Friday 6pm-Monday 8am (24 hour service in this 3 day window)
Open on ALL Holidays
$75 fee for triage & doctors evaluation
Takes checques, cash, and Mastercard/Visa

Pittsburgh Veterinary Surgery, P.C.
Dr. Anthony D. Pardo, MS, DVM
Dr. John T. Payne, DVM, MS
Dr. S. Christopher Ralphs, DVM, MS
Includes orthopedics, soft-tissue work, and neurosurgery

Veterinary Medical Specialists of Pittsburgh, Inc.
Dr. A Sherwood Johnson, DVM (Internal Medicine)

Animal Eye Clinic of Pittsburgh, LLC
Dr. Lawrence Bagley, DVM

Also, 1 block away from the main builing in which the above are located, there is also:

Pittsburgh Veterinary Dermatology, LLC
845 Butler St.
Pgh. PA 15223
Works with cats, dogs, small "pocket pets", as well as large animals
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Sobriety has shaken the anestesia, and had a nice visit with Jeremy and I today. The doctors say she should be home for a short while starting tomorrow or Friday. Let's hope so. She still needs more surgery most likely, but they want to wait a bit first. She was quite alert and seemed to enjoy getting love from Jeremy and I. She's got lots of funny little shaved spots, so I think I'll wait on the fan for her until the fur grows in and overheating is actually a thing to think of- right now I wanna keep her warm. I'll be so glad to have her home, this has been such an ordeal for all of us.

So much to do to prepare for her coming home, and setting up her kennel! If you are local to us, and have any old towels/sheets/blankets/mattress pads/rubberized tablecloths that you can donate as kennel bedding they would be greatly appreciated. I'm running a load of kennel liner laundry now, but I forsee going through a lot more than we think in the next couple months of kennel living.


Jul. 5th, 2005 05:34 pm
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Sobriety did fine in her hip surgery.

She will need at least one more surgery though, possibly as many as three more. Her tendons in her ankle are also shot, and she will need screws/pins to fix her ankle. The joint where her pelvis and spine meet is also out of place, and they aren't sure yet what they are going to do for that. She has lost a LOT of tissue (muscle and skin) from her bad leg, and they are unsure of how the best way is to close that up. They are still CLEANING it, before they can do further work on her ankle. The earliest she will be able to come home is Thursday or Friday, but would be going back in on Monday. It's very possible that she'll need to stay even longer.

My poor kitty! I really just want her to be able to come home soon. The doctors don't want to stress her further tonight, so I won't be able to see her again until tomorrow.

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Just got back from seeing Sobriety- she's looking very much more like herself. She was awake and alert and nuzzled my hand when I was petting her. She fell asleep with me petting her again today. Very cute. The nurses there said that she's such a cute kitty, and very well behaved, and that they've been petting her a lot. That made me very happy.

She goes in for surgery a little later this afternoon, and if all goes well she comes home tomorrow early afternoon or so. I'm so grateful for everything that the doctors and nurses have done for her, but in the Emergency Clinic and Pittsburgh Veterinary Surgery.

I'll update again when I hear back from the doctors after she comes out of surgery.

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Sobriety will see the surgeon tomorrow, and hopefully come home tomorrow night or wednesday morning. Cross your fingers/toes/paws for her.

She has gotten a little bed-sore from being immobile for so long, but it's nothing to worry about and it's on her good leg, so it should heal fine. It's really small.

I went and saw her this morning, took her a new item from home (her towel from the other day became soiled last night)- a shirt that I'd slept in a few times recently. I slept in it last night, then gave it to her this morning. She immediately lay her head on it, pulled it close with her front paw, and fell asleep on it with me petting her. -sigh-

She'll be confined to a large kennel for almost two months. The donations that I have recieved have already been put to good use, aquiring said kennel. I just finished setting it up in my room, and am now working on the other items I'll need to accomidate my poor broken little kitty.

To everyone who has donated so far, thank you so very much, it's really a big help and I'm amazed at how many friends Sobriety has. When she is well enough for visitors I will definately let people know.

Along with monetary donations, donation of any of the items off my list below are welcome, since a lot of people have asked what they can do to help, and if there is anything we need.

-Empty kitty litter jugs and/or buckets with lids
-Shallow disposable "jelly-roll" type pans (no more than 2" tall)
-Clean, old towels, sheets, mattress-pads
-Small self-supported oscillating fan
-Litter pan liners or tall kitchen trashcan liners
-Unscented baby wipes or cat bath wipes
-Cat fur conditioner spray or foam

Sobriety thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and help. She hopes to be home and strong enough to see people very soon.
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Sobriety's ankle is also dislocated. The injuries are such that her case is being passed to a board certified surgeon, who will see her on Tuesday.

She'll have her hip surgically repaired (femural incisions, and some other stuff that I don't fully understand). If that goes well, her ankle will be set and splinted. If her hip doesn't go well, her ankle will be surgically repaired as well.

It'll be best case scenario of $1500 more, worst case $2500 more.

I'll be visiting her again tonight.

Keep your eyes open for a Sobriety Recovery Fund sale. In the meantime, any donations are appreciated. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

My poor kitty!

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Man there is a LOT of cleaning to do.

Haven't heard from the doctors yet, which I guess means all went well today.

Waiting to hear when she can come home.
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The doctor just called, and she's doing much better! Her temperature is up, her heart-rate is better, and she's had a full bladder all night which indicates no kidney damage! Good job Sobriety, such a good kitty! All last night I dreampt I was with her telling her that she had to be strong, that she had to get strong so that the doctors can help her and so that she can come home.

I'm off to see her now, and at noon she will be anestitized so they can re-set her hip, and suture up her leg. She'll be bandaged up for a while and a bit of a cumbersome kitty, but she'll be home!

More news when I have some.

Thanks for all the love and support, it really helped!
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If you didn't see, Sobriety was seriously injured and is in the pet ER.

I talked to the doctor around 8:30pm tonight, and she's in the same condition as when I left. 5 degrees below temperature despite the heat therapy, weakend heart-rate. She's on an opiate, which will lower her temp a bit, but not that much. I'm hoping to see her in the morning, the doctor is going to call me at 8am (or thereabouts) with an update. I plan on going to see her as soon as possible, because she's a very emotionally tender kitty and has a constant fear of abandonment. I think she'll benefit immensely in knowing that I haven't abandoned her, and that this didn't happen because I don't love her or because Jeremy went out of town. That's just coincidence. Jeremy is worried for her too, and wants to be home as soon as possible so he can see her too.

I'll continue updating when I have new information, and I'll be keeping these entries public so those who wish the info can access it. I'll have my cell phone on me at all times, so if you wish to reach me that's the way to do it. Text messaging me via my user info page works, if you don't have my number.
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This morning I went downstairs to go out and saw Sobriety laying completely normally on the couch. Typical summer kitty sprawl. I went to pick her up and when I did she gave the most painful meowl and I saw that her hind leg (right I believe, but I'm too mixed up in the head to be sure right now) was stripped bare almost to the bone on the inside. I immediately called the vet and mom, and we took her to the kitty ER. I did what I could, translating my people first aid to kitty first aid (kept her warm, brought her water, kept her calm and still). She tried to get up and fell off the couch the poor thing. At the ER they gave her pain meds right away, and did an initial X-ray to check for internal damage. From what we can tell, there is no internal injury, although there is a possibility that the tissue which connects her bladder and kidneys may have been damaged (either that or we just caught kidney failure early due to this- I'm hoping it's that becuase it can be treated and means she can be treated for these injuries sooner). She's in shock right now, is 5 degrees down in body temperature, and her heart rate is slowed. They've given her meds to keep her heart rate up, and have her on a heating pad with a hot water bottle and a blanket (along with the towel from home that I brought her covered in, which smells like Jeremy and I). If all goes well I hear from the doctor tonight at 8pm about her condition. If anything goes wrong, they will call me ASAP. I had to make a decision whether or not to attempt to resucitate her if she were to go into cardiac arrest, and I had to make that decision alone. I wish Jeremy were here to help with all this, but he's not. I decided against it because I know the chances of it working, the chances of survival for any mentionable length of time if it worked, and because she is an older cat and I'd rather not put her through that stress if she beat all the odds. Hopefully it won't come to that. I pray that it won't.

So now I sit, and cry, and wait.

I want my kitty to be ok. I know she'll have a pretty bad scar, but hopefully that is all that she'll have, and she'll be able to be a normal kitty again. With a dislocated hip at her age, it's possible she'll need surgery to make her hip stay in it's socket. I am amazed by her strength- she had to have gone up at least 5 stairs, jump up onto a couch, onto the back of the couch, go through a window, jump down off the window, up onto the couch, and THEN lay down exhausted for her to end up where she was when I found her. Adrenaline does a lot I guess.

So sitting, crying, waiting... and hoping.