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Sobriety will see the surgeon tomorrow, and hopefully come home tomorrow night or wednesday morning. Cross your fingers/toes/paws for her.

She has gotten a little bed-sore from being immobile for so long, but it's nothing to worry about and it's on her good leg, so it should heal fine. It's really small.

I went and saw her this morning, took her a new item from home (her towel from the other day became soiled last night)- a shirt that I'd slept in a few times recently. I slept in it last night, then gave it to her this morning. She immediately lay her head on it, pulled it close with her front paw, and fell asleep on it with me petting her. -sigh-

She'll be confined to a large kennel for almost two months. The donations that I have recieved have already been put to good use, aquiring said kennel. I just finished setting it up in my room, and am now working on the other items I'll need to accomidate my poor broken little kitty.

To everyone who has donated so far, thank you so very much, it's really a big help and I'm amazed at how many friends Sobriety has. When she is well enough for visitors I will definately let people know.

Along with monetary donations, donation of any of the items off my list below are welcome, since a lot of people have asked what they can do to help, and if there is anything we need.

-Empty kitty litter jugs and/or buckets with lids
-Shallow disposable "jelly-roll" type pans (no more than 2" tall)
-Clean, old towels, sheets, mattress-pads
-Small self-supported oscillating fan
-Litter pan liners or tall kitchen trashcan liners
-Unscented baby wipes or cat bath wipes
-Cat fur conditioner spray or foam

Sobriety thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and help. She hopes to be home and strong enough to see people very soon.


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