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If I have offended any of you, in any way, shape, manner, or form, real or imagined, then I apologize and beg forgiveness. If I have done anything to hurt, demean, or otherwise injure you, I apologize and beg forgiveness. If I have done or said over the past year that has upset, or otherwise bothered you, I sincerely apologize, and will do my best to ensure it won't happen again.

If you have done something in the above categories, don't worry. I know it wasn't intentional, and I would accept any apology you would make.

Comments are being screened, and will remain as such indefinately. If you feel I have done any of the above towards you, feel free to let me know. I ask that you let me know in fact, so that I can work my hardest to ensure it will not be repeated. Likewise, I also welcome general suggestions toward the betterment of my character and person, as there are often things which are difficult to be seen from within, things that you as my friends are far more aware of than I, please let me know what they are.
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School bans skirts
From correspondents in London
June 22, 2005
From: Agence France-Presse

GIRLS at an English junior high school will be banned from wearing skirts from January next year, in a move their teachers hope will help them maintain their "modesty".
Broadstone Middle School in Poole, Dorset, which announced its decision in a newsletter to parents, said it would expect all 673 of its pupils, aged nine to 13, to turn up for classes in full-length trousers instead.

"In order to give girls the same opportunities as boys for a safe, active and healthy lifestyle, while maintaining their modesty, it has been considered by our school governors that trousers for all pupils is a practical and appropriate dress requirement," head teacher (principal) Marilyn Warden said.

Some parents were reportedly unhappy at the idea of banning skirts - a common uniform for schoolgirls all over Britain - and suspected it was being imposed because some girls have been wearing their skirts well above the knee.

Ms Warden said that she would welcome parents' comments but pointed out that boys have not been required to wear shorts to school for many years.

"This move," she argued, "is meant to enhance all of our pupils' overall educational experience."


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