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Birthdate:May 15
Help out an elderly cat with a chronic condition by donating to the Sobriety Recovery Fund. Donations go towards her daily medicine, check-ups, and other special requirements which help ease her life with a chronic health condition and handicap post-automobile accident.

My Wishlist, to build my new household!

String breaking... delirium... unconciousness... nicotine stains... obscure german... situationalist... bands... professional daydreaming... funny clothes... musical delinquency... terrorism & feathers

WARNING:The unauthorized or authorized reproduction of civilzations based on fear, greed & pain are prohibited by nature & time & are subject to dramatic collapsing, breakdowns, upheavals, revolutions & natural catastrophes.

Thanks to everyone involved in giving life to this pipe dream idea. 'boundaries' is just a word like 'jaded' or 'impossible'. Old words. First star to the right, straight on till morning...

They can't take away gravity. Cant extinguish fire. Can't change time's addiction to turning the tide. Cannot stop the wind. CAn't build glass castles forever. Grey skies ahead for the great empire, all the floodgates break & life rises up like a wave to reject more bitter tomorrows. Jump ship. Learn to swim. Jump off the cliff. It may come as a tidal wave to wash it all away, or as an unspeakable war, cities all burning, or maybe just the ground will open up to reclain all of it that has been made a mockery. Life is not submissive, it's justice is not slow. We are impatient. We are yearning. I understand. We are damned, we are blessed. We have lost so many. Dance of time is calculated chaos. Vengeful &loving, simultaneously. And to actually feel alive, always, in short bursts or even just one, is to dance & taste it's marrow in homage.

The user-icon I have entitled "music appreciation" is derived from "Grand Piano" copyright Jenni Tapanila. Her works are viewable here.

The user-icon I have entitled "L'Shana Tova" is derived from a photograph by [profile] gwenix

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