Jul. 5th, 2005 05:34 pm
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Sobriety did fine in her hip surgery.

She will need at least one more surgery though, possibly as many as three more. Her tendons in her ankle are also shot, and she will need screws/pins to fix her ankle. The joint where her pelvis and spine meet is also out of place, and they aren't sure yet what they are going to do for that. She has lost a LOT of tissue (muscle and skin) from her bad leg, and they are unsure of how the best way is to close that up. They are still CLEANING it, before they can do further work on her ankle. The earliest she will be able to come home is Thursday or Friday, but would be going back in on Monday. It's very possible that she'll need to stay even longer.

My poor kitty! I really just want her to be able to come home soon. The doctors don't want to stress her further tonight, so I won't be able to see her again until tomorrow.

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Just got back from seeing Sobriety- she's looking very much more like herself. She was awake and alert and nuzzled my hand when I was petting her. She fell asleep with me petting her again today. Very cute. The nurses there said that she's such a cute kitty, and very well behaved, and that they've been petting her a lot. That made me very happy.

She goes in for surgery a little later this afternoon, and if all goes well she comes home tomorrow early afternoon or so. I'm so grateful for everything that the doctors and nurses have done for her, but in the Emergency Clinic and Pittsburgh Veterinary Surgery.

I'll update again when I hear back from the doctors after she comes out of surgery.

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Sobriety will see the surgeon tomorrow, and hopefully come home tomorrow night or wednesday morning. Cross your fingers/toes/paws for her.

She has gotten a little bed-sore from being immobile for so long, but it's nothing to worry about and it's on her good leg, so it should heal fine. It's really small.

I went and saw her this morning, took her a new item from home (her towel from the other day became soiled last night)- a shirt that I'd slept in a few times recently. I slept in it last night, then gave it to her this morning. She immediately lay her head on it, pulled it close with her front paw, and fell asleep on it with me petting her. -sigh-

She'll be confined to a large kennel for almost two months. The donations that I have recieved have already been put to good use, aquiring said kennel. I just finished setting it up in my room, and am now working on the other items I'll need to accomidate my poor broken little kitty.

To everyone who has donated so far, thank you so very much, it's really a big help and I'm amazed at how many friends Sobriety has. When she is well enough for visitors I will definately let people know.

Along with monetary donations, donation of any of the items off my list below are welcome, since a lot of people have asked what they can do to help, and if there is anything we need.

-Empty kitty litter jugs and/or buckets with lids
-Shallow disposable "jelly-roll" type pans (no more than 2" tall)
-Clean, old towels, sheets, mattress-pads
-Small self-supported oscillating fan
-Litter pan liners or tall kitchen trashcan liners
-Unscented baby wipes or cat bath wipes
-Cat fur conditioner spray or foam

Sobriety thanks everyone for their thoughts, prayers, and help. She hopes to be home and strong enough to see people very soon.
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The one and only lovely Sobriety kitty:

Last summer, sitting on the front porch in the sun.

This past winter, posing with me in the kitchen, taking pictures of makeup.

I go see her tonight at 9pm. My poor kitty.
Now I'm off to gather items to sell to fund her care and recovery.

Also, I realized I've not yet mentioned what we believe happened. As far as we can tell, we think she was hit by a car. My poor kitty!
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Sobriety's ankle is also dislocated. The injuries are such that her case is being passed to a board certified surgeon, who will see her on Tuesday.

She'll have her hip surgically repaired (femural incisions, and some other stuff that I don't fully understand). If that goes well, her ankle will be set and splinted. If her hip doesn't go well, her ankle will be surgically repaired as well.

It'll be best case scenario of $1500 more, worst case $2500 more.

I'll be visiting her again tonight.

Keep your eyes open for a Sobriety Recovery Fund sale. In the meantime, any donations are appreciated. Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

My poor kitty!

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Still waiting for the call from the doctors, and cleaning up for the kitty.

I'm putting together a few boxes of items to sell to raise money for the Sobriety Recovery Fund, as well as means for paypal donations.

If you feel like helping out, anything is appreciated. I've stocked up on the litter we use, and am waiting to hear what food the doctor wants me to feed her.

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Man there is a LOT of cleaning to do.

Haven't heard from the doctors yet, which I guess means all went well today.

Waiting to hear when she can come home.
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The doctor just called, and she's doing much better! Her temperature is up, her heart-rate is better, and she's had a full bladder all night which indicates no kidney damage! Good job Sobriety, such a good kitty! All last night I dreampt I was with her telling her that she had to be strong, that she had to get strong so that the doctors can help her and so that she can come home.

I'm off to see her now, and at noon she will be anestitized so they can re-set her hip, and suture up her leg. She'll be bandaged up for a while and a bit of a cumbersome kitty, but she'll be home!

More news when I have some.

Thanks for all the love and support, it really helped!
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If you didn't see, Sobriety was seriously injured and is in the pet ER.

I talked to the doctor around 8:30pm tonight, and she's in the same condition as when I left. 5 degrees below temperature despite the heat therapy, weakend heart-rate. She's on an opiate, which will lower her temp a bit, but not that much. I'm hoping to see her in the morning, the doctor is going to call me at 8am (or thereabouts) with an update. I plan on going to see her as soon as possible, because she's a very emotionally tender kitty and has a constant fear of abandonment. I think she'll benefit immensely in knowing that I haven't abandoned her, and that this didn't happen because I don't love her or because Jeremy went out of town. That's just coincidence. Jeremy is worried for her too, and wants to be home as soon as possible so he can see her too.

I'll continue updating when I have new information, and I'll be keeping these entries public so those who wish the info can access it. I'll have my cell phone on me at all times, so if you wish to reach me that's the way to do it. Text messaging me via my user info page works, if you don't have my number.
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This morning I went downstairs to go out and saw Sobriety laying completely normally on the couch. Typical summer kitty sprawl. I went to pick her up and when I did she gave the most painful meowl and I saw that her hind leg (right I believe, but I'm too mixed up in the head to be sure right now) was stripped bare almost to the bone on the inside. I immediately called the vet and mom, and we took her to the kitty ER. I did what I could, translating my people first aid to kitty first aid (kept her warm, brought her water, kept her calm and still). She tried to get up and fell off the couch the poor thing. At the ER they gave her pain meds right away, and did an initial X-ray to check for internal damage. From what we can tell, there is no internal injury, although there is a possibility that the tissue which connects her bladder and kidneys may have been damaged (either that or we just caught kidney failure early due to this- I'm hoping it's that becuase it can be treated and means she can be treated for these injuries sooner). She's in shock right now, is 5 degrees down in body temperature, and her heart rate is slowed. They've given her meds to keep her heart rate up, and have her on a heating pad with a hot water bottle and a blanket (along with the towel from home that I brought her covered in, which smells like Jeremy and I). If all goes well I hear from the doctor tonight at 8pm about her condition. If anything goes wrong, they will call me ASAP. I had to make a decision whether or not to attempt to resucitate her if she were to go into cardiac arrest, and I had to make that decision alone. I wish Jeremy were here to help with all this, but he's not. I decided against it because I know the chances of it working, the chances of survival for any mentionable length of time if it worked, and because she is an older cat and I'd rather not put her through that stress if she beat all the odds. Hopefully it won't come to that. I pray that it won't.

So now I sit, and cry, and wait.

I want my kitty to be ok. I know she'll have a pretty bad scar, but hopefully that is all that she'll have, and she'll be able to be a normal kitty again. With a dislocated hip at her age, it's possible she'll need surgery to make her hip stay in it's socket. I am amazed by her strength- she had to have gone up at least 5 stairs, jump up onto a couch, onto the back of the couch, go through a window, jump down off the window, up onto the couch, and THEN lay down exhausted for her to end up where she was when I found her. Adrenaline does a lot I guess.

So sitting, crying, waiting... and hoping.
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School bans skirts
From correspondents in London
June 22, 2005
From: Agence France-Presse

GIRLS at an English junior high school will be banned from wearing skirts from January next year, in a move their teachers hope will help them maintain their "modesty".
Broadstone Middle School in Poole, Dorset, which announced its decision in a newsletter to parents, said it would expect all 673 of its pupils, aged nine to 13, to turn up for classes in full-length trousers instead.

"In order to give girls the same opportunities as boys for a safe, active and healthy lifestyle, while maintaining their modesty, it has been considered by our school governors that trousers for all pupils is a practical and appropriate dress requirement," head teacher (principal) Marilyn Warden said.

Some parents were reportedly unhappy at the idea of banning skirts - a common uniform for schoolgirls all over Britain - and suspected it was being imposed because some girls have been wearing their skirts well above the knee.

Ms Warden said that she would welcome parents' comments but pointed out that boys have not been required to wear shorts to school for many years.

"This move," she argued, "is meant to enhance all of our pupils' overall educational experience."
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Edited to fix my horrible spelling errors. Sorry about that, I was getting sick of typing.
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Father appeals order in divorce decree that prevents couple from exposing son to Wicca.

Now, while I do not advocate forcing children into a religion solely because you (the parent) happen to be of that faith, I do advocate exposing children to religion. I also have a severe dislike for the state acting in loco parentis, particularly when the parents are not neglecting/abusing the child.
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Bradley Smith says that the freewheeling days of political blogging and online punditry are over.

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America urges UN to renounce abortion rights


Suzanne Goldenberg in Washington
Tuesday March 1, 2005
The Guardian

The Bush administration was accused yesterday of trying to roll back efforts to improve the status of the world's women by demanding that the UN publicly renounce abortion rights.

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done a bit more paring down.

getting ready for what will hopefully be some beneficial changes.
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Did a bit of tidying-up of the friends/community list.

If you find that you've been removed, and you really want back in- leave a comment and I'll probably add you. Most of the removals were folks who post rarely, or whose journals I don't read quite as closely- and who seem to comment on a rare to non-existant basis.

Nothing personal at all.

A Response!

Jan. 8th, 2005 08:25 pm
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Thanks [livejournal.com profile] xevinx


I am Delegate Cosgrove and I wish to respond to the allegations that have been made by those who have emailed and called my office. The intent of House Bill 1677 is to require the notification of authorities of a delivery of a baby that is dead and the mother has not been attended by a medical professional. This bill was requested by the Chesapeake Police Department in its legislative package due to instances of full term babies who were abandoned shortly after birth. These poor children died horrible deaths and all that the person responsible could be charged with is the improper disposal of a human body.

The requirement for twelve hours comes from the method that a coroner would use to determine if the child had been born alive or dead. After twelve hours, it becomes next to impossible to determine if the child was alive due to decomposition gasses that build up in the body.

My bill in no way intends that a woman who suffers a miscarriage should be charged for not notifying authorities. The bill in no way mentions miscarriages, only deliveries. After discussing the bill again with our legislative services lawyers, I will include language that will define the bill to apply only to those babies that are abandoned as stated above.

I would never inflict this type of emotional torture on a woman who has suffered such a traumatic event as a miscarriage, and I am confident that the General Assembly of Virginia would also not pass such a terrible imposition on a woman.

I hope that you will understand the original intent of this bill. This bill has nothing to do with abortion, contraception and especially miscarriages. If you were alarmed by this bill or by the websites, I am sorry. I hope that this will explain the concept and intent of this bill.


John A. Cosgrove

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Thanks for the heads up [livejournal.com profile] talentshow


Republican Delegate to the 78th District (Virginia), John Cosgrove, is pushing a bill that would force women who miscarry a pregnancy, at ANY level of development, to report their miscarriage to a law enforcement agency within 12 hours of the miscarriage. Failure to do so would be a Class 1 Misdemeanor, punishable by one year in jail and $2,500 fine. (Other Class 1 Misdemeanors in VA include arson, stalking, statutory rape and concealed carry of a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.)

In Virginia, state law requires that abortions be reported, but a woman undergoing abortion need only be identified by a patient number, thus preserving her privacy. A woman reporting a fetal death (miscarriage) must provide the state with the following information:
# place of occurrence
# usual residence of patient (mother)
# full maiden name of patient
# medical record number and social security number of patient
# Hispanic origin, if any, and race of patient
# age of patient
# education of patient
# sex of fetus
# patient married to father
# previous deliveries to patient
# single or plural delivery and order of plural delivery
# date of delivery
# date of last normal menses and physician's estimate of gestation
# weight of fetus in grams
# month of pregnancy care began (sic)
# number of prenatal visits
# when fetus died
# congenital malformations, if any
# events of labor and delivery
# medical history for this pregnancy
# other history for this pregnancy
# obstetric procedures and method of delivery
# autopsy
# medical certification of cause of spontaneous fetal death
# signature of attending physician or medical examiner including title, address and date signed
# method of disposal of fetus
# signature and address of funeral director or hospital representative
# date received by registrar
# registrar's signature
# registration area and report numbers

Since most fertilized eggs are sloughed off the uterine lining during a period, it's likely that many of your used tampons and pads contain evidence of "fetal death." Perhaps John Cosgrove, who clearly knows so much about what is best for Virginia's women, would appreciate the opportunity to help navigate you through your difficult time after your monthly potential fetal death. So send him your fetal death tainted tampons and pads, so that he might measure out the "weight of fetus in grams" for you in your difficult time. It'll keep you from being locked up for a year!

Del. John A Cosgrove
General Assembly Building, Room 416
Capitol Square
Richmond, Virginia 23219
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] vorona for the heads up. Pacific NW folks, this is going on in your territory.